St. Mary's Catholic Church

St. Mary's Catholic Church

Parish Council

The Parish Council, together with the pastor who presides over the Council, make up the leadership group of the parish.  The Council is representative of parish membership. The primary concern of the Council is the spiritual growth of the parish and the carrying out of the mission of the parish. 

Parish Council meets every 4th Monday of the month.

The Council is consultative in nature and, through prayerful discernment and working together in a climate of good will and trust with the pastor, makes recommendations to the pastor in regards to pastoral needs of the parish. Decisions of the Council are considered final when ratified by the pastor.

The Council is made up of nine parish members.  A Council member serves for a period of three years and is eligible for reappointment for a second three year term. A person is not eligible for a third term until one year after the completion of the second term.   A Council member, with the exception of the chairperson and vice-chairperson, also serve on one of the Council's commissions as a formal liaison between the commission and the Council. The pastor also appoints members to serve as liaisons with the Finance Council and School Council. These members are not expected to serve on a council commission.

Current members are:

Mark Weber (President), Mike Augustine, Barney Boos, Ken Kohl, Beverly Windholz, Cindy Zerfas, Fr. Dana and Sr. Doris.