St. Mary's Catholic Church

St. Mary's Catholic Church

Religious Education Commission

The Education Commission of the Parish Pastoral Council has as its responsibility the determining of goals and objectives to meet the educational needs of the total parish community, together with the monitoring and evaluation of programs designed to implement these goals and objectives.  This “cradle to the grave” approach assures that all members of the parish are serviced educationally according to their needs during the entire course of their lives.

Members must be active parishioners with a sincere interest in the catechetical ministry in the parish.  They must be willing to represent all interests and ages in the parish and be willing to continue their own formation and education in the faith and the catechetical ministry in particular.

At least one member of the Parish Pastoral Council serves on the Commission.  The principal of the school, the religious education coordinator, post-Confirmation coordinators, and RCIA coordinator are also members of the Commission. Other interested parishioners may be invited or volunteer to serve. No term of office is set, except for the Parish Pastoral Council representative.

Current members are: Darin Reed, Lucia Bain, Sr. Doris, April Pfeifer, Marnie Kohl, Alyssa Crawford